Established in the year 2006, Bhoomi Natural Products and Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent name  in the international markets specializing in natural products consisting of Essential oils, Oleoresins, Floral concretes & absolutes, Herbal extracts, and other customer application oriented solutions. Led by highly experience team having 35 years of experience in the spice and herbal industry Bhoomi offers a firm product quality commitment and customer satisfaction

Our facilities comply with international standards and products are known for their safety, quality and purity. Bhoomi is ISO 22000: 2005 Certified along with HACCP, Kosher and also Halal. Bhoomi is also certified Organic for many of the essential oils, extracts and whole spices and herbs. Bhoomi’s own independent lab acts as the bridge between the customer specification of different products and ensuring that the quality supplied are meeting those expectations.  Competency, Quality support, and the ability to focus customer specific needs give us the edge as a reliable and responsive source for natural products.

Our sourcing network of raw material and proximity with the farming community gives the advantage of offering pure Essential oils and also competitive pricing.  Bhoomi has also contractual production at farm level for production of crude essential oils which gets further processed at our factory to obtain tailor made products to the market.  The blend in the product range that we offer also gives adequate choice to customers.  Our value stations helps customers to choose their product range at any levels that they intend to use them.