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Our distillation and extraction facilities are in a scenic locale in the heart of Kerala - the nerve center of Indian spices.

Being in the hub of spice whole markets and home spice plantations, we have easy to access raw materials of the best quality. Our major focus is on local produce viz., nutmeg, mace, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, etc. and their value add products as it would also ensure a source of livelihood for the natives in the vicinity of our factory location. Moreover, we are able to provide employment opportunities to the youth in the area who are looking for non-agricultural income sources.

Our facilities are WHO-GMP and ISO 22000:2005 certified covering HACCP. We also have Halal, Kosher, Organic and FSSAI certifications. Processing, Handling, Packaging, Storing, Labeling, Sampling, Testing, etc. are done as per guidelines set by these certifying bodies.


Distillation Facility

Essential oils are generally extracted by steam distillation and capture the aroma profile of the plant or plant parts. Bhoomi’s first plant set up in 2013 was for steam distillation of spices found in abundance in Kerala. As this facility is located in the hub of spices, whole markets and home spice plantations, it makes it exceedingly easy to access raw materials of the best quality.

Our herb essential oils are crude-distilled at location at the fields. Our farm-level procurement teams work at the ground level to secure purest quality of oils which are processed after moving to our facility and matched to customer’s quality specifications. Our essential oils are thoroughly evaluated for their quality which is done in our own well- equipped and sophisticated quality testing laboratory. Best practices of evaluation are adopted by our professional staff to guarantee the identity, purity, and quality of our products.

Location: Iranikulam, Thrissur [20km from Cochin International Airport AND 40km from the International Container Transshipment Terminal]

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Extract Facility

Extracts form the flavor and aromatic profile of the plant or spice from which they are extracted. They are used in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Fragrance Industries, for their intense flavor, colour and aroma.

In 2019, as part of our expansion plan, we set-up our extraction facility, which is state-of-the-art and custom-built to our specification to meet with the most stringent safety, hygienic and environmental standards. Bhoomi’s Oleoresin Plant has the capacity to produce 5-6 ton of Oleoresins per month. This plant can process any spice, except turmeric and paprika. For these two, we engage third party manufacturers, so that we still have control over quality of the finished product. We strictly follow all quality control norms. All testing is done in our own well-equipped quality testing laboratories by our well experienced team of chemists.

The quality parameters followed are to meet the international FCC standards and customer preferences. Quality approved finished products are stored in air-conditioned storage facilities.

Location: Iranikulam, Thrissur [20km from Cochin International Airport AND 40km from the International Container Transshipment Terminal]

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Herbs Processing Facility

India is home to more than 8,000 species of medicinal plants. In the modern world, herbal products are picking up popularity as health supplements and as alternative treatment. Thoothukudi (formerly known as Tuticorin), was our first choice when we decided to set up our herbal processing unit due to its climatic conditions and proximity to the biggest port in Tamil Nadu.

At Bhoomi, we source most of the herbs directly from wild areas to maintain their authenticity and true nature. For few other herbs, we directly procure them from farms that are dedicated in herb farming. At Bhoomi, we understand that primary processing – sorting and cleaning, drying, sizing sifting and storing of herbs – is what makes or breaks quality. So utmost care is given during each and every step. Processed herbs are then packed as per customer specifications in PP bags or gunny bags or as bale pressed. If not dispatched immediately, it is then stored in specified areas so that they are not affected in any way by fluctuation in humidity or infestation or microbiological attack. The processing unit has an In-house lab facility where basic quality tests like moisture and ash test and other physical parameters are tested.

Bhoomi offers a wide range of herbs including both Organic and conventional range of products.

Location: Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu [1.5kms from the Tuticorin airport and 20kms from the Seaport.]  

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Our Extracts unit is ISO 22000 and WHO-GMP certified. We also have Halal, Kosher and FSSAI certifications.

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