‘Liquid Gold’ – Celebrating Calmness

Can you guess which product is referred to as Liquid Gold ? First clue – it is used in Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern Medicine – since time immemorial ? An easier hint - one the first aromatic materials used by humans ? A sure fire giveaway – there is reference to this in relation to Christmas – one of the gifts carried by the wise men when they went to visit Infant Jesus. Yes ! Frankincense.

Boswellia Serrata, commonly known as Frankincense, which comes from the Old French term “fran encens,” means pure incense. Frankincense is harvested by making small incisions in the bark and the resin then bleeds out which hardens as it dries. Though today it is mostly used for making of sweet-smelling perfume and incense, in olden days it was known for its medicinal and religious purposes. Religiously the burned incense may be intended as a symbolic or sacrificial offering or to serve as an aid in prayer.  The commercial importance of frankincense in the olden times can be ascertained by the existence of the famous “incense road” which connected the producing regions (present day Yemen and Oman) with the utilisation regions (Egypt, Jerusalem and the Mediterranean region).

Frankincense has a direct mind soothing and warming effect on the brain.   The burning of Frankincense has such a calming effect that it is loved by many, apart from the religious/holy references that it is usually related to.  It has been proven to have psychoactive antidepressant properties.

Boswellia Oil is a  clear liquid having a terpenic,  fresh-lemony, incense, warm-balsamic, woody odour. The essential oil, also known as Olibanum oil, is steam distilled from the resin of the tree and has been used from a bygone era as an incense, in medicine, and in cosmetics. Since it is high in natural constituents called alpha thujene, alpha-pinene, and limonene it makes a powerful antiseptic, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory agent. Boswellia is popular in fragrance and cosmetic industries thanks to the pleasant aromatic odour and therapeutic properties of its essential oil.



Boswellia extract is used as ingredients in dietary supplements and cosmetics. Boswellia serrata extract exhibits anti-aging/anti-elastase & anti-inflammatory activity.  Both, ground raw resin as well as extracts are used. Most often, however, dry extracts are used. Boswellia serrata dry extract is standardized to contain 65%, 70%, 75% and 80% Boswellic acids. The dry extract is creamish yellow to an off-white powder.



Frankincense oil and extracts are used in soaps, cosmetics, foods, and beverages. To benefit from its anti-inflammatory actions, Boswellia extract can either be taken orally, or the essential oil may be used as a topical ointment for gentle massage or application on the affected area. Both are known to be equally effective, although the latter is known to provide relief rather quickly.

BHOOMI offers Frankincense/Boswellia oil and Boswellia extract.



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