Market Report – December 2020

Winter chillsChristmassy feels…Its December !

2020 has undeniably been a year of unexpected turn of events and marked changes for the world. Consumers have been forced to change their habits and businesses had to change to adapt to their needs. As we get used to the “new normal” and look forward to 2021, Bhoomi is aiming to meet the new challenges in our industry and modify our approach to meet our customer needs.  For now, we welcome you to our Market report for this month.



Season of Indian Nutmeg is over but demand is still very high. Prices are still soaring for the small volumes in stock. New season is in April. In season, BHOOMI offers Nutmeg oil and Nutmeg Extract/Oleoresin.


Though some of the crops in the growing areas were affected by recent heavy rains, the standing crop is growing well and harvest in most areas are expected to begin by end January, with better yield expectations. Export demand is steady and prices are somewhat stable for now.  BHOOMI offers Turmeric Root oil, Turmeric Extract and Curcumin 95%.

Black Pepper

The prices have been stable for some months now. New crop is in the next two months. BHOOMI offers Black Pepper oil and Black Pepper Extract/Oleoresin.


There is considerable demand in the market. Production begins in full swing in the new year and we expect a slight drop in prices. We can offer available volumes at better prices if booked right away!  BHOOMI offers Ginger oil and Ginger Extract/Oleoresin. 


Harvest of clove is in the first quarter of the year. At present, price of pure and natural oil is showing a slight upward trend due to good demand. BHOOMI offers Clove oil and Clove Extract/Oleoresin. 


Davana oil

Transplantation from nursery is on at present. Unexpected rains last few weeks due to cyclonic effect in the growing areas has caused extensive damage to the crop. More detailed information in our next report.


Palmarosa oil

There was unexpected rain in growing areas which has affected production. We have small volumes available in stock with us. Feel free to book your requirements with us!



Lemongrass oil

Availability is good but prices are still on an upward trend, owing to high demand. Winter season in the growing areas is resulting in stunted growth. Usually, rates are expected to come down by mid-January, but we will need to see an improvement in weather for this to happen. Please watch for our further updates.

Citronella oil (Ceylon type)

We have limited quantities to offer and there is a slight increase in rate due to increased demand.



Moringa leaves

Did you know that moringa leaf is a rich source of good cholesterol? The leaves also have seven times more vitamin C than oranges and fifteen times more potassium than bananas. In the wake of Covid-19, it is once again gaining popularity as a super food. BHOOMI offers Moringa leaves, leaf powder, winged and wingless seeds.

Neem leaves

The various parts of the Neem plant – leaves, fruits, seeds and roots – contain compounds which are proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. Neem is also known to boost immunity system.  BHOOMI can offer dried Neem leaves.

Aloe vera

A little trivia – The word “aloe” comes from the Arabic term alloeh, which means “shining bitter substance,” and “vera” comes from the Latin word veritas, meaning “truth.” And it’s true, the juice of the whole processed leaf is invigoratingly bitter. Aloe vera has long been lauded for its benefits to health and beauty. BHOOMI offers dried cut Aloe Vera pieces.

Tulsi (Basil) leaves

We all are well aware of the culinary uses of uses of Basil. However, surprisingly it is also used in perfumes, soaps, shampoos and even dental preparations.  BHOOMI offers dried Tulsi leaves.


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