Market Report – June 2020

India is in Unlock 1.0 mode now –  the economy has opened, and we are now seeing the  consequences that were expected on raw material and product availability. In general, demand has moved up for most natural products as emphasis on health and well-being has increased.  Our constant advice to customers is to plan well in advance for their upcoming requirements, because the process time for orders has increased – due to logistical irregularities, labour force availability and other supply chain disruptions. The effect can be seen in market pricing for most products.

Our Market Report this month seeks to keep you well informed of the products in season and also our regular products.



We are seeing a hike of almost 15% in the price of Indian Nutmeg raw material. Market arrival of the quality that is ideal for essential oil production was low due to the lockdown and trading points were closed. This will be reflected in the price for Nutmeg oil.  Nutmeg chips have now become available in plenty, which means the raw material for extract manufacture is available in good volumes.  BHOOMI has commenced production of Nutmeg oil and extract this season.  We welcome your requirements.

Floral Absolutes

The season for production of floral extracts has started.  BHOOMI is pleased to offer absolutes of Jasmine Grandiflorum, Jasmine Sambac, Pink Lotus, Frangipani and Tuberose.  Book your requirements right away!


In the wake of Covid-19, the demand for raw turmeric, known as an immunity builder, has seen a sharp increase. Pharmaceutical companies are also using curcumin in immunity building products. The changing health perceptions world-wide, is expected to increase the price of raw material.  BHOOMI offers Turmeric Root oil, Turmeric Extract and Curcumin 95%.




The raw material market continues to show fluctuations.  As of this week, there is an upward movement in price.  However, BHOOMI has stocks to offer from early June production, which we has better pricing.  We can also offer Cardamom extract as per customer specification.

Mint Oils

Mentha Arvensis harvest is now over and production has commenced. Quantities have just started being available.  Mentha Piperita  harvest has has commenced.  There is expectation for a promising crop this year.





Since the lockdown in India coincided with the Ginger planting period, has affected the ginger cultivation this year. As reported earlier, the yield from the currently available stock is less. Moreover, Ginger is known to boost immunity and during this global pandemic, the demand for raw material has also gone up.


Celery seed

The best time to get high yield raw material of Celery seed is during end-April to mid—May.  This year, the production season got delayed due to the COVID lockdown. Coupled with the lockdown delay, there was also a hailstorm in the main growing areas – both reasons contributing to a 40% lower crop with reduced yield.  Celery seed essential oil is therefore, seeing an increase in price at the moment. The position is expected to continue until the new season in 2021. It may be a good time to take a decision to cover requirements, if any.




Indian Paprika season has got over for 2020. Production witnessed a 40% reduction this year due to switch by farmers to hybrid variety. Additionally, due to delay in harvest operations, because of COVID related restrictions, also affected the post-harvest operations. We can however, offer Paprika Extract at an attractive price.

Black Pepper

Harvesting in main growing areas – India, Vietnam have been completed. In other countries like Indonesia, Brazil, China and Malaysia,  harvesting has just commenced. Prices are showing a sudden upward trend, mostly driven by speculation. BHOOMI will be able to offer at stable prices which has been ensured by prior building up of stocks.



Herb Essential Oils

Palmarosa oil

Distillation has started in the growing areas but on a very limited scale. Scarcity of material and higher demand is pushing the prices up.


Eucalyptus oil

With the commencement of monsoon season in the growing areas, production will be almost nil till September. This is the best time to procure and stock your requirements for the immediate future.



Davana oil

Davana season for 2020 is over. We have already fulfilled prior orders from customers.  For newer small lots held, the demand is high and prices have moved up drastically. Some limited stocks which are low on spec are held by few farmer groups, who are also seeking high prices.

Lemongrass oil

Distillation is on a limited scale due to social distancing restrictions. Demand continues to be high for its sanitizing properties. We are seeing heavy market fluctuation in pricing.  Your early booking of requirements is recommended.





Shankhpushpi is a Sanskirt word which means “the plant with flowers shaped like a conch”. It is a strong memory booster and brain tonic that actively works to improve intelligence and functioning of the brain. BHOOMI offers the whole dried plant.

Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leaves finds use in cosmetics and as an ingredient in soaps. The last lot of dried leaves before start of monsoon in growing areas is available now, so it would be a good time to book for your requirements.

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