Market Report – May 2021

India is in the midst of a severe second wave of the pandemic.  Many of the Indian states have been affected. With all possible control measures like widespread testing, increasing resources and facilities for treatment, stringent lockdown protocols, acceleration of vaccine drives, etc. in place, each and every state government has stepped up efforts to deal with this crisis. The world has been assisting us in overcoming this more infectious variants of the virus. We hope this phase too, shall pass soon. 
We, at BHOOMI are fortunately, safe. As an ‘essential industry’ providing ingredients to food, pharma, healthcare sectors, we continue to operate with minimal staff and by taking utmost care in our operations. We have been overwhelmed by the support and concern from our customers and contacts and this is our encouragement too. We express our immense gratitude to our well-wishers and hope to have your continuing support in these chaotic times.

BHOOMI, as your reliable supplier will continue to keep you updated with accurate information through our Market Report, which, we hope, will assist you in making informed purchase decisions at the right time and to plan well in advance for your upcoming requirements.  As always, we would be happy to support you with information on other specific products of interest. 


Black Pepper

Due to high demand, prices are moving upwards. Raw material availability is limited at present. BHOOMI offers Black Pepper oil and Black Pepper Extract/Oleoresin.



Indian Nutmeg season is on now, but the ongoing travel restrictions and lockdowns in the major growing centres has pushed the prices upwards in an unprecedented manner. Currently, the oil grade BWP (Broken, Wormey and Pumkey) Nutmeg is being traded at prices almost 108% increase from last year. Similar situation is already being seen in the Sri Lankan origin produce too. BHOOMI offers limited volumes of Nutmeg oil and Nutmeg Extract/Oleoresin at present. 



With a drop in demand from the traditional domestic markets due to lockdown across many cities, there is sufficient supply of raw material, there is a price fall at present. Summer rains have also supported the good crop. It may be the best time to cover the needs for Cardamom oil and Cardamom Oleoresin at present.


The season has come to an end. Price show a lower trend as compared to last year, due to good crop coverage and yields received by farmers last year. BHOOMI offers Ginger oil and Ginger Extract/Oleoresin in good volumes. 



Markets across the growing area/hub have been closed due to Covid -19 lockdowns. The second wave of the pandemic had directly hit the supply chain of the commodity and the prices are moving up along with rising fuel prices in India. Despite a good crop coverage, it has not been great news for processors as the market was flooded with spurious cultivars having lower capsaicin yield. This has ultimately put the prices on the higher side.



The market situation of Paprika has been similar to Chilli. The season has ended for the year and the markets in growing areas had also been closed due to Covid-19 lockdown. The raw material prices for extraction grade high colour variant was high and is stable as of now.



Davana oil

The season has come to an end for the year 2021. Unlike last year, farmers received good davanone percentages at the start of the season, and volumes produced overall, has been sufficient. The anticipation before start of the season due to crop damages because of excessive rainfalls during the harvest period had already driven up the prices. With good demand sustaining, prices continue to be trending high at present.

Lemongrass oil

As expected, the prices were high during the dry summer season and has been increasing steadily as the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic strengthens its grip throughout India. There is expectation for a fall in prices from Mid-June onwards as the monsoon season will boost the growth of the grass along with good citral and essential oil yields. We will however, need to wait and watch the situation.



Palmarosa oil

There is shortage of material currently. Less demand over last year and lower profitability have made farmers switch to alternate crop like citronella and other cash crops. For the limited stocks available, the prices are high now.




BHOOMI offers wide range of South Indian Herbs.  These Herbs offered in dried form are amply available for most part of the year.  They have wide use in cosmetic and medicinal applications, and in aromatherapy too.

We are pleased to offer the below Herbs:

Ocimum Sanctum  Tulasi Basil
Boerhavia diffusa  Punarvara Red spiderling
Bocopa monneri  Brahmi Leaves Herb of grace
Azadirachta Indica  Neem Leaf Neem
Tephrosia purpurea  Sharponka Fish poison
Solanum Xanthocarpum  Kandakathiri Wild  Eggplant
Phyllanthusmaderaspatensis  Mevennally Madras leaf powder
Eclipta prostrata  Bringraj Bhringaraj
Plumbigo zeylancia  Chitramool Wild white leadwort
Cassia aungustifolia  Senna Senna leaves/pods

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