Market Report – November 2019

While rains are good news for farmers, untimely and erratic rains due to cyclonic systems developing both over Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, will definitely affect the crops as well as planting of crops. How this extended monsoon season could sway economic activity in the agriculture sector and industries linked to it will unfold in the coming months.

Bhoomi Naturals is pleased to present to you the latest market report for November 2019, featuring our trending Natural Essential Oils and Extracts.

Essential Oils

Lemongrass Oil

Adequate supplies available and prices are steady at present.

Palmarosa Oil

Good quantity stocks available at reasonable prices. We recommend that this would be the best time to fulfill your requirements.

Citronella oil

Ceylon type : There is sufficient stock available and price continues to remain stable.

Java type : With the onset of winter in the next two months in the growing areas, raw material availability will be scarce. There is sufficient stock available now and we recommend this is the best time to procure to fulfil your requirements.

Mentha arvensis oil

The daily price fluctuations on mint oils notwithstanding,  there is a general low price situation for Mentha arvensis oil due to lower demand.  It may be a good time to procure for covering requirements.

Davana Oil

As reported earlier, untimely rains in the growing areas has delayed the planting of the crop for the 2020 season. Continuous unexpected rains in these areas has further deferred the planting. This is unfortunate news as delay in harvest translates to low yield and higher prices in the new season. More updates in our upcoming reports.

Black Pepper Oil

There is abundant supply of black pepper in the market and hence the price of raw material has fallen. However, we envisage a growing demand in the coming months, which could lead to a hike in prices.

Cardamom Oil

The peak period of harvest for the Queen of Spices  is Sept-Nov. Towards the end of this month we will have a much clearer picture of the actual yield this year. A slight price drop is witnessed and depending on the availability of raw material after harvest, the price is expected to be stable.  We recommend covering your needs during this time.

Celery seed Oil

Although season for the year is over, raw material is available, but at a relatively increased price.  In any case, production is limited because of limited demand.

Nutmeg Oil

Raw material season is over. Demand is as usual and pricing is stable for available stock from the production in season.

Cumin Oil

We can offer good volumes until the next season at fairly stable rates.

Ginger Oil

New season is in the beginning of the New Year. A good harvest is expected provided there is no further unexpected fluctuation in weather.


Bhoomi presents to you the current news on spice extracts:

Nutmeg Extract

Season of raw material is over.  Demand is stable and prices are more of less fixed.


Mace Extract

Raw material season is over. However, sufficient stocks are available and we are witnessing a stable demand.

Ginger Extract

Demand is steady and prices are more or less fixed. Not much change is anticipated until the new season at the start of 2020.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper prices pushed to the lowest in a decade due to oversupply in global market and rising imports. Harvest of the new crop begins in December and a further dip in price is expected.

Celery Extract

There is availability and for now, no variation in prices.

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