Market Report – November 2020

2020 is turning to be a ‘spicy’ year! 15% rise in exports of spices, especially immunity boosting spices, during April to August from India. Ginger and cardamom recorded maximum growth during this period. In spite of the restrictions due to pandemic and untimely / erratic rains, due to cyclonic systems, in many of the growing areas,  this is definitely encouraging news. BHOOMI is happy to fulfil your needs for raw spices, herbs, essential oils and extracts. Hope our below report will be of assistance to you in making your buying decisions and we look forward to serving you in the best possible way.



Season of Indian nutmeg is over but demand is still very high. Prices are still soaring for the small volumes in stock. New season is in April.


Recent heavy rains in growing areas has damaged crop. However, there is ample carryover stock from previous season. Prices are expected to hover at the current level.  BHOOMI offers Turmeric Root oil, Turmeric Extract and Curcumin 95%.




With the start of the new year, is the new season of ginger. The exact effect of the rain on the yield is still not evident, which will also determine the price for the new season. BHOOMI offers Ginger oil and Ginger Extract. 

Black Pepper

There is an abundant supply of black pepper in the market and hence the price of raw material is expected to remain stable for the next couple of months. BHOOMI offers Black Pepper oil and Black Pepper Extract.


Basil oil

Farmers are only releasing small quantities of Basil oil from the new season to the market. Demand is high hence farmers are stocking available volumes in anticipation of a hike in rates. In comparison with the previous years, the price is very high, for this time of the year. BHOOMI offers Basil oil (Ocimum basilicum) and Holy Basil oil Ocimum sanctum).

Citronella oil (Ceylon type)

Sufficient quantities are in stock but prices are showing a slight upward trend due to heavy rain in the growing areas.


Lemongrass oil

Heavy rains has affected the crop and distillation of lemongrass oil. Prices are currently on a high but in the next couple of weeks, a slight dip is predicted. However, there is no expectation of it reaching the usual price range at this time of the year.


Davana oil

Replanting from nursery is on.  New season is in end February-March 2021. Prices are expected to follow a similar trend as it was in 2020.



Moringa leaves

From time immemorial, people of Asia and Africa have been drawing the benefits of nature’s most nutritious food. In the wake of Covid-19, it is once again gaining popularity as a super food. BHOOMI offers Moringa leaves, leaf powder, winged and wingless seeds.

Curry leaves

Did you know that Curry leaves belong to the citrus fruit family? Their glossy green leaves are very aromatic and have a unique flavor of its own.  BHOOMI offers dried Curry Leaves.

Tulsi (Basil) leaves

Different parts of the Tulsi plant e.g. leaves, flowers, stem, root, seeds etc. are known to possess therapeutic potentials and have been used, by traditional medical practitioners, for centuries now. BHOOMI can offer dried Tulsi leaves.


Aloe vera

A member of the lily family, aloe vera has long been lauded for its benefits to health and beauty. BHOOMI offers dried cut Aloe Vera pieces.

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