Market Report – October 2019

The post monsoon months are off-months for cultivation of spice crops.  Land is mostly used for vegetable cultivation and food crops in preparation for winter across the different growing areas.  Of course, herbs continue to be under production as they are more perennial in nature. Read on for our specific report of essential oils and extracts trending this month.

Here’s the market report for October 2019 from Bhoomi:

Essential Oils

Lemongrass Oil

Production is in progress right now, but prices have come down drastically – it is at an all-time low right now, due to the higher availability but lower demand. It is not a pleasant news for farmers, who have fixed the minimum price to meet their production costs at the least.  any further lowering in demand will be discouraging and affect the further production from the growing areas.

Palmarosa Oil

This product too, is seeing lower demand and so a good reduction in price.  Right now, there are rains in the growing areas so we expect availability will not be a problem soon. It is definitely a good time to stock most herb oils during this time, if there is an expectation of a demand or to cover needs for the near future.

Citronella oil (South Indian)

There is sufficient stock available, but continuous production is not being done due to lesser demand presently.

Davana Oil

Due to untimely rains in the growing areas, the planting of the crop for the 2020 season has been delayed. Normally, the seedlings would be planted by the start of October, this is now expected to start by early November.  There are quantities available from the last season – the price of which has moved up. For this reason, lesser areas are being planned for cultivation too.  There is expectation of higher prices for the next season.  Stay tuned for more updates in our upcoming market reports.

Black Pepper Oil

Currently the global prices of black pepper are stable; it is expected to increase in view of growing demand.

Cardamom Oil

With the growing areas being affected by floods during monsoon, the raw material volumes produced was seen to be low this year, and prices continue to be on the higher side.  However, the situation is better now with prices having reduced from the recent high.  We recommend covering your needs now.

Celery seed Oil

Although season for the year is over, raw material is available, but at a relatively increased price.  In any case, production is limited because of limited demand.

Nutmeg Oil

Raw material quality in this time is not great as yield will be lower. Demand has not picked up as of now, so pricing is stable for available stock from the production in season.

Cumin Oil

We have a stable pricing position right now, and can offer fairly good volumes until the next season in February.

Ginger Oil

The season is over, however the demand is still sustaining. Prices are firm as of now, but may move up as availability comes down.


Bhoomi presents to you the current news on spice extracts:

Nutmeg Extract

Pricing is stable as of now as demand is not too high.  We can offer as per requirement as production is also quite stable with raw material in stock.


Mace Extract

Raw material available in the market right now is not the best quality; however our stocks in reserve are sufficiently supporting the current demand.

Ginger Extract

The demand is steady although season is over.  Prices are fairly stable.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper seems to be more stable during the current season and the prices for the raw materials are at comfortable levels. Therefore, the availability is also good in this season.

Celery Extract

There is availability; however, prices have moved up slightly.

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