Market Report – October 2020

Nearly seven months into the pandemic, we are all now seeking to identify bright spots in our everyday lives and trying to return to some sense of “normalcy”. Many have now realised the importance of the medicinal values of the easily available spices and herbs around us. BHOOMI has been fortunate enough to see an increased interest in herbs / spices / essential oils / extracts and we continue to supply raw materials and ingredients to our valued  consumers in the shortest possible time

After the woes of the nationwide lockdown, extreme weather conditions in growing areas is now posing an issue to the availability of the raw materials. We will have an update in our upcoming reports on the adverse effects, if any. Meanwhile, we maintain our advice to customers to plan well in advance for their upcoming requirements to factor in the process time for orders.



There is high demand for Nutmeg currently. Indian Nutmeg season is over.  There is scarcity of good yield raw material for production of Nutmeg oil and Nutmeg Extract Raw material prices are around 45% higher than last year and only limited volumes available.


Prices continue to fluctuate based on the trading position of raw material.  BHOOMI can offer both Cardamom oil and Cardamom Extract as per customer requirements.


Prices remain somewhat stable but demand is still high. A slight increase in price is anticipated before the new season by early next year only.  BHOOMI offers Turmeric Root oil, Turmeric Extract and Curcumin 95%.




Currently prices for Ginger raw material is still high. Harvest has started but due to heavy rain in growing areas, processing is delayed. We will have a better picture of the yield of the new season by the middle of next month. BHOOMI offers Ginger oil and Ginger Extract. 

Black Pepper

Despite hitches due to Covid-19, global stock is considerably good but no price reduction is expected this year. BHOOMI offers Black Pepper oil and Black Pepper Extract.


Basil oil

Fresh material from the new season is beginning to reach the market. Production is in full swing, and since demand is high, many farmers are holding stock anticipating a price hike.  Prices are considerably better than last month and we recommend that this may be good time to buy to meet your annual requirements. BHOOMI offers good volumes of Basil oil (Ocimum basilicum) regularly to customers.

Palmarosa oil

There is a good level of rainfall in the growing areas, however sufficient stocks are available.  With the changing demand, there is fluctuation in pricing too. Please feel free to contact us for your requirements.


Davana oil

Preparation for the 2021 season has started with the sowing of the seeds in nurseries. Weather conditions in the main growing areas in the next 3 months will determine the quality of Davana oil in the new season. Very small quantities are available at present at considerably high prices.


Lemongrass oil

Heavy rains in growing areas has hindered the production; prices are showing a slight upward trend at present due to inclement weather conditions.



The humble moringa tree is the nutrient factory or a one-stop answer to all your nutrient requirements. BHOOMI offers Moringa leaves, leaf powder, winged and wingless seeds.

Curry leaves

The regular intake of the quintenessential indian culinary herb – curry leaves – imparts not just flavour to the food but even heart-healthy benefits such as strengthening the heart muscles and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Bhoomi offers dried Curry Leaves.

Tulsi (Basil) leaves

This natural immunity booster is in much demand for its antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties. Bhoomi can offer dried Tulsi leaves.

Neem leaves

The benefits of neem are wide and varied and this ‘wonder leaf’ known for its medicinal value is also used as an natural soil conditioner and organic pest control in the agricultural industry. We can offer dried Neem Leaves.

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