Market Report – September 2019

 There is built-in stocks for essential oils, so  the availability is good.  It is in fact, the best time to stock up for Herb oil requirements! Here’s the market report for September 2019 from Bhoomi:

Essential Oils

Lemongrass Oil

There is a demand fall for Pure & Natural Lemongrass oil; it is considerably lesser than the supply; so prices are at an all-time low right now as compared to last few years. We recommend to customers that this may be the best time to cover for their annual requirements. 

Palmarosa Oil

There is ample stocks available from previous season production and prices are quite good.  If there is an expected requirement, now would be a good time to buy. 

Citronella oil (South Indian)

Sufficient quantities are available; prices are quite favourable. 

Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil

Production continues all through the year; prices are at a stable low.

Black Pepper Oil

Currently the global prices of black pepper remain stable; demand is low, so prices are stable right now. It is expected to rise in coming months.

Davana Oil

Available volumes are lesser now, and prices are moving up as the oil is having  active demand. 

Nutmeg Oil

Currently demand and price remains stable. The recent floods were devastating, affecting the growing areas and causing a crop loss.

Cumin Oil

Demand is quite less with the season having come to a close mid-year.  Pricing is good.

Ginger Oil

The general price levels are quite high, considering high demand.  Bhoomi can offer available stocks at quite attractive prices.


Bhoomi presents to you the current news on spice extracts.  As our new facility for extracts is ready now, we are happy to offer the below extracts per your requirements.  

Nutmeg Extract

Recent floods have affected growing areas.  For now, prices continue to be stable in view of stocks already available.


Mace Extract

Raw material availability is lower; available material is mostly being applied for spice powdering and as raw spices – as pricing for this quality is better in the market.   This has driven up the price. 

Ginger Extract

Recent heavy rainfall and landslides have affected the production of the crop and hence, for the raw material.  Prices are expected to move up even further. 

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper raw material season is in the lean period now.  Lower yield material is available right now. 

Celery Extract

Crop season is just over and currently the availability in the market is good. We can offer Celery extract in good volumes. 

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