Market Report – September 2020

Heavy rains continue in our state, Kerala, and we are being watchful.  The current temporary hiccups due to the pandemic are also existing. These factors do have an effect on the raw material availability. BHOOMI endeavors to supply raw materials and ingredients to our valued  consumers in the shortest possible time. We maintain our advice to customers to plan well in advance for their upcoming requirements to factor in the process time for orders.

Our Market Report this month seeks to keep you well informed of the products in season and also our regular products. We hope this would be helpful for timely planning of procurement of raw materials.



There is high demand for Nutmeg currently. Prices are on an upward trend. There is scarcity of good yield raw material for production of Nutmeg oil and Nutmeg Extract. 


Owing to existing restrictions on migrant labour from neighboring states, the planters are managing with the available labour which has increased harvest time. Moreover, heavy winds during the on-going monsoon season has felled Cardamom trees in plantations, affecting the tillers. The sector is yet to assess the extent of damage. BHOOMI can offer both Cardamom oil and Cardamom Extract as per customer requirements.


Household as well as Pharma consumption of turmeric has picked up in India with more easing in restrictions with Unlock 4.0. India is the world’s largest supplier of turmeric contributing nearly 70-75% of global production and with increased demand, prices are expected to move up in the coming months. BHOOMI offers Turmeric Root oil, Turmeric Extract and Curcumin 95%.



Black Pepper

The global pepper demand seems to have increased. The general opinion is that pepper prices are likely to be stable in the coming months as the Indian harvest will come next, followed by Vietnam.  BHOOMI offers Black Pepper oil and Black Pepper Extract.


Fresh ginger harvest has been initiated in the growing areas and the demand seems little sluggish. However, things are expected to change as winter approaches in North India.  A clear picture can be given only after second week of October. BHOOMI offers Ginger oil and Ginger Extract. 


Lemongrass oil

With the start of monsoon, there is availability of material. However, still the prices have not dipped to the expectation, in comparison with the previous years.

Palmarosa oil

Prices have improved in view of the upcoming monsoon in the growing areas.  Please feel free to contact us for your requirements.


Citronella oil (Ceylon type)

Prices are moving upwards due to reduction in production owing to heavy rain in growing areas. We have some stock available to meet your immediate need.

Davana oil

Season is over and very small quantities on offer with the farmers. Due to shortage of material, the asking rate is much higher.

Mint oils

Main season is over now for production of both Mentha Arvensis and Mentha Piperita oil. We can offer fairly good volumes at present.





COVID-19 has put the focus on ingredients that build immunity and that is one of the main reasons for renewed interest in Moringa products. BHOOMI offers Moringa leaves, leaf powder, winged and wingless seeds.

Organic Cinnamon (Whole and Powdered)

Cinnamon, a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum, is used mainly as an aromatic condiment and flavouring additive in a wide variety of cuisines. Write to us for your requirements of both NOP and EU Certified organic Cinnamon.

Organic Black Pepper (Whole and Powdered)

One of the most widely used spice in the world, we can offer both NOP and EU Certified organic Black Pepper.

Lemongrass (tea cut)

The citrusy flavour of lemongrass blends beautifully when added to your cup of herbal tea. We have sufficient quantities in stock to offer.

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