Market Report – April 2019

Summer has begun and most parts of the country is seeing quite hot days.  There is a push for preservation of water resources during this time. The Feb-March harvest of raw materials is over and production is in progress for many products. Bhoomi presents to you the latest market report for April 2019, which covers the market situation and price indications for our major essential oils.

Essential Oils

Lemongrass Oil

Currently, there is a lower trend in price for Lemongrass oil, which is good news considering that the prices were reigning high over the last 1-1.5years.  It will be an ideal time to meet requirements now, as stocks are available in good volumes.

Ginger Oil

With raw material prices being unusually high, Ginger oil price has been on an upward trend.  It is expected that price will be moving up further in the coming days (the speculation is that prices may move up by 20-25%).  It may be a good time to stock now for immediate requirements.

Davana Oil

The production for the year has been completed now in most of the growing areas.  Prices have moved up because availability is quite low as compared to previous season.

Black Pepper Oil

We have reports that global prices of Black Pepper raw material is now are coming down.  Price of Black Pepper oil, however, seems to increase according to the demand.

Celery seed Oil 

Price is stable and expected to come down by May  in the new crop season.

Clove Bud Oil (Indian)

Price will remain stable.

Nutmeg Oil

Due to bad weather conditions, the availability of raw material is very less and consequently there is a hike in raw material prices.

Cumin oil

Currently, the prices are stable as demand is not fluctuating much.  Available stocks are low.

Organic Essential Oils

The Organic essential oils that we are offering currently are:

  1. Organic Lemongrass oil                             
  2. Organic Mentha Piperita oil
  3. Organic Mentha Arvensis oil

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