Market Report (i) – March 2019

The month of March represents the transition from the cold winter to the opening of summer months.  We now have warmer days in most parts of India including many of the growing regions. Bhoomi is happy to present the latest market report for first half of March 2019, which covers the market situation and price indications for our major essential oils.

Essential Oils

Lemongrass Oil

Prices have reduced now because availability is good and demand is a bit lower.  However, by end of the month, and into April, we expect the prices to move up slowly because production may come down with the onset of summer. Bhoomi continues to offer significant quantities for various requirements.

Palmarosa Oil

The crop is available in good quantity due to good weather conditions. A increase in demand may most likely drive up the prices; but for now the price conditions are good.

Davana Oil

Production is in progress, however volumes available from the fields are lower.  The price is moving up at an increased pace.  Farmers are looking for increased prices for the limited volumes that they hold.

Ginger Oil 

The trend in 2019 shows that there is a high demand for Ginger oil in the market. Prices have already risen dramatically, and are expected to increase further.

Black Pepper Oil

Raw material prices have reduced globally, and the price for the oil is good at present.

Nutmeg Oil

Limited production is in progress. There is slight improvement in prices for available volumes.

Organic Essential Oils

The Organic essential oils that we are offering currently are:

  1. Organic Eucalyptus Globulus oil
  2. Organic Ginger oil
  3. Organic Lemongrass oil                             
  4. Organic Palmarosa oil
  5. Organic Mentha Piperita oil
  6. Organic Mentha Arvensis oil

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