Market Report – May 2019

Its a mixed feeling just like the mixed hot climes and rainy days this mid-summer season.  While the north-eastern part of the country has been cyclone-hit, the remaining part of the country has been receiving rainfall more than usual as an effect.  Bhoomi brings you the latest market report for May 2019, which covers the market situation and price indications for our major essential oils.

Essential Oils

Lemongrass Oil

The product is having highly favorable pricing even though we are into core summer season. The demand has been low this year (such a trend presumably because the availability of synthetic citral is better globally).  It will be an ideal time to meet requirements for Pure and Natural Lemongrass oil now, as stocks are available in good volumes.

Black Pepper Oil

Current scenario is that the prices of Black pepper oil are now on a stable low. It may move up in the next couple of months because of scarcity of raw material. There is no expectation for a further reduction in price.

Davana Oil

Prices have moved up because availability is quite low as compared to previous season. This may be the best  opportunity to secure volumes at a relatively lower price. 

Celery seed Oil 

Fairly good volumes are available even in the run up to the new season. There are chances of slight increase in price next month due to demand build up.  

Nutmeg Oil

Production is anticipated to be lower in the new season starting later this month, and prices may be in the stable to high range. 

Cumin oil

The harvest season of Cumin seed has commenced this month, and there is good crop but less yield for now. Healthy rainfall and strong prices are expected to contribute to a good season.  

Mint Oils

The growing season is in progress and we expect a good mint season in the coming months.

Mentha Arvensis – Harvest starts in end  May and will continue until July.  The cultivation area has been increased this year, so production volumes will be higher.  This has happened because in the last season, Mentha Arvensis had fetched better prices for farmers.

Mentha Piperita – The product had stable demand last year, and the general market prediction is that it may be stable this year too.  Harvest will start mid-May and continue until June.

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