Popularizing the use of Natural Essential Oils in the Indian consumer market

Interestingly, there is utilization of Essential oil in various activities and products that we use in our everyday life. However, unfortunately, essential oils are not categorized as a primary requirement or recognized as a major ingredient in these daily use products. The term ‘essential oils’ are looked upon as a luxury ingredient in a spa or in aromatherapy. And therefore, these do not get its due attention for its growth and development. It also does not form part of any of the Government support systems. What we do not realize is that essential oils are also significantly used in food products, pharma care, home care and of course, our cosmetic and toiletries. It goes without saying, they form part of most of the fragrances around us.

In the modern world, many new personal use products are being created and popularised for us, the common people to become the end user. Our day starts with us using a toothpaste, we sense the perfume in our car or office, our evening out for drink has a soothing flavour and our day ends with a great foot cream or a pain balm – all of them having an essential oil ingredient that calms or heals us in some way or the other for its healing or calming properties or as an aromatic ingredient. More than the natural essential oils there are many synthetic based oils that gives the exact aroma at cheaper cost. The cost efficiency, stability and to make an everyday use product accessible to a larger customer base makes the synthetic aroma ingredient for end products, a more preferred choice than a natural essential oil ingredient. However, it’s a known fact that the natural ingredient properties are more effective and long lasting.

Most consumer products today have or are developing a natural ingredient-based product line, highlighting the properties and why natural is better. We have the Swadeshi movement being popularised, a clove oil toothpaste, citronella oil- based cleaning solution for home care, citrus oil beverages etc. that’s in vogue. Not that these were not part of the ingredients earlier – its just the highlighting of it on the marketing platform, bringing such a natural ingredient in the forefront that has been a noticeable change.

Popularising the use of natural essential oils in a bigger way will increase the scope of its utilization. In turn increased consumption of end products also Increase the market size for the natural oils. Yes, it is expensive, but it is a given fact that natural products give better quality and better final product in terms of its ingredient value. It helps to increase the confidence of end user/consumers. This leads finally to increased consumption of the end products in larger volumes and increases the consumption of natural essential oils. A strategic approach to popularize the natural oils by manufacturers of natural essential oils for their increased application in various end products can yield great outcomes. The target should be to bring in higher consumption of end products, better value to the customer, clean and quality healthy products and in turn increase the value of business.

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