Jasmine Flower

Floral concentrates

Floral concentrates are extracts of flowers having exotic fragrances.  Bhoomi offers 100% natural Indian floral concentrates and absolutes having warm and soothing aromas for application in the fragrance and cosmetic industries.


  • Jasmine Grandiflorum
  • Jasmine sambac
  • Lotus
  • Mimosa
  • Frangipani
  • Tuberose


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Essential Oils

Essential Oil are valuable natural endowment from nature. Essential Oils are the aromatic, extremely concentrated, volatile extracts from aromatic plants & refreshful flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, woods and roots. 

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Organic Herbs

Herbal extract is a liquid solution of herbs and alcohol. The dried or fresh herbs are combined with alcohol, then the solid matter is removed leaving only the oils of the herbs mixed with the alcohol.

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Floral concretes

Floral Absolutes and Waxes are made by Solvent Extraction method from the Fresh Flowers like Jasmine, Tuberose, mimosa etc. These are 100% pure and natural and have wide applications in different fields and high.



Oleoresins represent the complete flavour profile of the spice. It contains the volatile as well as non- volatile constituents of spices. Oleoresins can be defined as the true essence of the spices and can replace whole/ground spices without impairing

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Natural isolates

They are odour molecules extracted from spices and herbs by distillation techniques.  Bhoomi offers a range of natural isolates with purities at different levels.

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Natural colours

Curcumin in turmeric and Carotenoids in chillies are the natural colour components extracted for use as natural colours. The natural colours or their blends have wide applications from food sector to pharmaceuticals, dyes and cosmetics.

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Organic essential oils

Bhoomi also offers a wide variety of organic certified essential oils, herbs and spices. Processed under strict conditions to maintain its organic properties Read More...

Organic whole spices

Black pepper crushed Black Pepper Powder Chilli flakes